Buddy James

Buddy James

Sales Consultant

0415 427 449

Buddy truly knows what it is like to build something from the ground up, he keeps moving forward to achieve personal goals and enjoys assisting others in doing the same. Whether that be establishing rapport with his clients in the community, developing the skills of a small team working together in harsh environments, or, building upon his own personal property portfolio from the age of 18.

After 6 years in the Australian Army followed by 3 years contracting, Buddy has been constantly learning and working in the background of real estate and has seen life from a unique perspective not experienced by most. Buddy has now taken point in a career that thrives on the kind of energy that he brings to the table, along with three refined core values; Hard work, Family and Integrity, they transcend through all his professional endeavors and his personal life alike. Still a true bloke at the end of the day, Buddy's interests include rugby league, classic cars and snowboarding.
You will not be disappointed with Buddy's approach to selling your home, from the first meeting to the last handshake, Buddy is breaking the mold on the same old tired “agent in a three-piece suit” pitch to refocus on the real goal of servicing your needs for the future.

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