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Rentvesting grows due to affordability, work choices - July 2016

One investment strategy is becoming increasingly popular across Australia, with the cross-section of people whose first property purchase is an investment property rather than their own home growing. According to real estate franchise LJ Hooker, which claims to have identified the emergence of so called rentvestors ™ in 2013, the strategy is becoming increasingly popular with Australians of different ages and income levels. When the trend first emerged it was favoured strategy of a particular segment of the population, but LJ Hooker head of research Mathew Tiller said the rentvesting is moving further into the mainstream. “Interestingly when LJ Hooker first identified the rentvestor trend we described it as a ‘young couple in their late 20’s or early 30’s who love their lifestyle and don’t want to relocate from where they were renting’, however our latest research shows that there are now two clear types of rentvestors,” Tiller said. &...

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